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Tunnels & Trolls Gamesmen of Kasar Solitaire Adventure Flying Buffalo Blade JR

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Description: Here ye, hear ye, adventurers one and all! Will you attempt The Game, a competition like none before? Are you fast enough to dodge razor-sharp blades? Are you quick enough to evade the fangs of giant serpents? Are you brave enough to venture through a gauntlet of doom that will challenge every fiber of your being, strain every portion of you beyond any point it has gone before; tire you, then force you to press on even further? Only the strong, the quick, and the courageous have any hope of facing The Game.

Can you collect the reward: your weight in gold! Are you reckless enough to enter The Game, and smart enough to achieve victory? Are you a winner... or a coward!

Let those who dare enter the contest offered by the Gamesmen of Kasar.

This solitaire adventure is designed for the classic Tunnels & Trolls fantasy role-playing game by Flying Buffalo Inc. Produced by Blade. First Printing 1982.

Condition: Old store inventory. Mild edge wear, scuffing. Corner bent. Price sticker on rear. Faint rust on staples. Interior pages very clean. Overall very nice for its age. Please refer to the pictures for details.


Brand: Flying Buffalo Inc.