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Shadow World Journey to the Magic Isle Sealed Shrinkwrap ICE 6002 KTj-S

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Description: Journey to the Magic Isle carries you by ship or magic to Uman, a remote island near a treacherous Essence Flow, where powers can be drained or doubled in an instant. High above the black beaches and deep woods juts an extinct volcano. Within its flooded cone lies a mysterious island, hidden from the world by the mists and the magic of an ancient lake, known as the Hidden Tarn. Only a few determined travelers have ever reached a rumored retreat for high-level magic users on this overgrown mystical isle. Here, Master Sorcerers and Mages summon and control the most powerful forces known to man.

Yet Balizaar the Lich, back from the dead with a thirst for revenge, threatens to destroy the idyllic University of Magical Arts and the Master Magicians and Clerics with it. Can you outsmart or overpower the fallen undead spirit?

Sail into Shadow World, a planet largely unexplored and undisturbed by the hand of man. Ascend the uncertain, jagged slopes of Uman in search of a hidden, magical realm!

Journey to the Magic Isle includes:

  • Complete Descriptions of the University of Magical Arts, the Magic Isle, the Hidden Tarn, and Uman Island.
  • 7 Area Maps and Views covering all of Uman Island.
  • 6 Detailed Adventure locations.
  • 27 Masters of Magic: fully developed characters complete with Rolemaster and Fantasy Hero stats.
  • 14 Ready-to-Play NPC’s.

Plus, by using the Aftermath sections in this module, Gamemasters can continue gaming on the Magic Isle, creating a rich endless campaign setting. Designed for use with Rolemaster and Fantasy Hero. Also adaptable to most fantasy role-playing games including Dungeons & Dragons. Published by Iron Crown Enterprises ICE.

Condition: New, factory-sealed shrinkwrap. Very light shelfwear. Minor edgewear, small hole in shrinkwrap. Overall in excellent condition. Please refer to the pictures for details.


 MPN: 6002

Brand: Iron Crown Enterprises