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Shadow World Demons of the Burning Night Sealed Shrinkwrap ICE 6003 KTj-S

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Description: The island of Aranmor is a land where forces of nature battle themselves. Many believe there is more to this enigmatic place than ruins and rumbling volcanoes. Stories about Aranmor range from reports of shipwrecked sailors driven to cannibalism to tales of soul-stealing ghouls. One popular tale claims the Kadaena, a fallen Empress from the First Era, has risen again and prepares her resurrected armies for some final, shocking revenge.

Most adventurers consider this unexplored isle too risky a journey. Among its rumored residents are wild and magical beasts, demons, spirits, and fiends. While numerous crumbling edifices stand in remote areas of the island, the ruined city of Tarek Nev, with its magically preserved walls, is the most prominent landmark.

Prowl this haunted city, dodging the powerful Demons of the Night. Great treasures like the Horn of Siege (which can level a city when blown) and the Helm of the Empress Kadaena may lie here. Be warned: stone-men, Gorgons, and the temptress V’rama will be constant threats.

Demons of the Burning Night includes:

  • 4 Pages of Color Maps illustrating the region, the isle of Aranmor, and the Peninsula of Fulcrimia.
  • Detailed Views of the city of Tarek Nev, fortresses, palaces and other sites of adventure.
  • Information on the Races and Creatures who make Aranmor such a fascinating adventure location, including the scrappy but diminutive Garks and the flesh-eating moss children of the woods, the Locharrion.
  • Stats and Background Information on key figures like V’rama, the leader of the Demons, and the winged Arvi, man-eating reptiles who sail above the ruined city.

Designed for use with Rolemaster and Fantasy Hero. Also adaptable to most fantasy role-playing games including Dungeons & Dragons. Published by Iron Crown Enterprises ICE.

Condition: New, factory-sealed shrinkwrap. Very light shelfwear. Minor edgewear, spine crack, corner bump, small hole in shrinkwrap. Overall in excellent condition. Please refer to the pictures for details.


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Brand: Iron Crown Enterprises