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DragonLance Saga Heroes of Defiance Box New OOP NMint TSR CB

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Description: The unsung heroes of Ansalon. No one knows their names. There are no Sturm Brightblades or Tanis Half-Elvens among them. Yet for as long as Good has struggled against Evil, they have fought alongside the heroes famed of song and story. Heroes of Defiance offers background on these heroes and features:

  • - roles for playing bards, guild thieves, kender handlers, rebel elves, and more
  • - guidelines for creating adventures full of intrigue and mystery
  • - an introduction to the kingpins of "underground" Ansalon
  • - optional rules for playing gully dwarf heroes
  • - geographical and historical details on Northern Ergoth, the birthplace of such rogish traditions as bard colleges and thief guilds
  • - a complete quest, Storm Over Krynn
  • - and much more

Copyright 1997 TSR. OOP. Uses the Saga dramatic adventure rules.

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