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Dragon #234 Halloween Undead Special TSR D&D 1996 BD

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Description: This Halloween issue features:

  • Nocturnal Crusade - In the war against the undead, the wise crusader arms himself
  • The Draconimicon - Lesser undead dragons
  • The Book of Souls - Some books really should be banned
  • Crypt Rangers & Defenders - It's one thing to stay overnight in a graveyard on a dare...
  • Undead Again - Death never has been the end to a hero's career, but this isn't what you probably had in mind
  • Artifacts of Athas - Magical artifacts of Dark Sun
  • Wyrms of the North: Daurgothoth - The most fearsome of the great wyrms are those that just don't know when to die
  • Dragon's Beastiary: A Necromancer's Armory
  • Lich Magical Items - Why should the good guys have all the wonderful toys?
  • Firstborn - Fiction by Dave Gross
  • Plus the regular columns

Copyright 1996 TSR. 120 pages.

Condition: Very lightly used.


Brand: TSR