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D&D Invincible Overlord Briarwood Castle Box Set Mayfair 108 Sealed Shrink BSl

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    Description: In the heart of the City-State of Briarwood, capital of Calandia, lie the confines of Briarwood Castle. Home to the Invincible Overlord, the Castle's interior has always been a mystery to outsiders. Now you can be privy to the closely-guarded secrets of Briarwood Castle in this two-volume set, which includes The Briarwood Castle Guidebook and The Dungeon Book, plus a separate parchment GM's map depicting the dungeon controlled by Ralf, a lich whose quest for power could have a profound impact on the City-State. This set provides exciting material for an endless variety of fantasy role-playing scenarios.

    The Briarwood Castle Guidebook features detailed information on Briar-wood Castle. This 40-page volume includes:

    • A history of Briarwood Castle
    • Personalities:
    • The Invincible Overlord Lucius II
    • The Consort Cassandra
    • Chancellor Dowons
    • New Monsters
    • New Spells
    • New Magic Items
    • Briarwood Castle:
    • Guards and Defenses
    • a floor-by-floor description of the Castle
    • Maps of Briarwood Castle plus the Bathhouse Dungeon

    The Dungeon Book includes additional material pertaining to Briarwood Castle. This 24-page volume includes:

    • An adventure
    • Special Dungeons:
    • The Old Bathhouse Dungeon
    • Ralf's Dungeon

    In the adventure, you are convicted criminals of the City-State. The Overlord himself has offered to save you from the Death penalty if you can find the vulnerabilities in the Castle's defenses and enter the Castle from outside of its walls.

    Someone close to Lucius II is betraying him, and that person rules over the depths of The Old Bathhouse Dungeon and Ralf's Dungeon. These dungeons hold a legacy of evil, and death awaits those who venture here!

    The adventure is for 4-6 Player Characters with Skill Levels of 20+. Six evil pregenerated Player Characters are provided for this adventure, or Players may generate their own. The Special Dungeons may be used either with the adventure in this set, or in an existing adventure or campaign.

    Adaptable to many fantasy role-playing systems including Dungeons & Dragons. Copyright 1989 Mayfair Games Inc.

    Condition: New, old store stock. Factory-sealed shrinkwrap. Light shelfwear. Minor box compression. Appears to be minor foxing under shrinkwrap. Overall in very nice condition. Please refer to the pictures for details.


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