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AD&D Birthright Players Secrets of Ariya TSR 3111 BD Sealed Shrinkwrap

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Description: On the shores of the Sea of the Golden Sun lies Ariya, the oldest city in all Cerilia. The City of Temples, and its surrounding provinces form the jewel of Khinasi history, learning, and culture. Its citizens turn to you to restore the city-state to its former eminence.

Contents include:

  • - A full-color, eight-page foldout cover containing detailed maps of the state and its holdings
  • - The story of Ariya's pivotal role in Cerilian history
  • - Facts about the state's geography, holdings, and economics
  • - Information on the Khinasi people, lands, and culture
  • - Descriptions of important Ariyan citizens
  • - Secrets and strategy tips to help the new prince keep his seat on the Thousand Jewel Throne

Designed for the Birthright campaign world of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Copyright 1995 TSR. OOP.

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