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Last Man Standing Futuristic Humor Gladiatorial Combat New CB

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Description: The Television Guide List: Live Gladiator Combat, Winner of the 2015 People's Choice Award for Excellence in Family Viewing! See you favorites in the League of Death battle it out for the title of Last Man Standing! The Cast: James Blonde, Austin Flowers, Shift, Jackie Chang, Indiana Smith, Arnold, Dirty Larry, and Emma Shell!

In this satirical game of futuristic gladiatorial combat, only one person can survive and be champion. Players take on the roles of up to 8 different gladiators each with special powers. And there is no set turn order, so players never know it will be their turn ... will the player be the next to move or forced to be a sitting duck? Success is victory and the adulation of billions. Failure is death. For 2-8 players. Copyright Jolly Roger Games.

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Brand: Jolly Roger Games