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Capt'n Clever Family Treasure Hunting Game New Rio Grande Games

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Description: There are nine treasures to be discovered by bold sailors! Capt'n Clever's simple rules takes the fearless mariners on an exciting, action-packed adventure. The goal is to plot the best course and bring back a ship filled with a booty of gold and jewelry. Unfortunately, your neighbor is the one who controls the itinerary: each player has to use their best pirate talents to send the others on the longest route possible!

This game features:

  • - Number of Players: 3-4
  • - Ages: 6+

- Playing Time: 30 minutes

- Designer: Liesbeth Bos

Contents include:

  • - 1 Game Board
  • - 4 Captains
  • - 4 Wooden Ships
  • - 36 Cards
  • - Rules

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