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Galactic Empires Starter Decks x2 Alpha Edition 1994 Trading Card Game Sealed

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Description: These starter decks are part of the science fiction CCG collectible trading card game Galactic Empires. Each deck includes 50 cards plus instruction booklet. These are from the original shipment (Alpha, I believe). They came factory sealed as shown in the photo, but not in boxes. Produced 1994 Companion Games.

This lot contains two (2) starter decks. Each starter deck contains 50 cards plus instruction booklet, for a total of 100 cards in this lot. These decks come from our original retailer shipments and have not been scanned or touched by anyone. These are NOT re-packs.

Condition: New, factory-sealed. Unopened, unplayed. Minor tears in the shrinkwrap, otherwise NMint.

Brand: Companion Games