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TSR AD&D Birthright Book of Priestcraft 1997 Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy CN

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Description: Priests are more than mere physicians tending the wounded and healing the sick -- they are defenders of the realm, champions of their god, and the politicians of Cerilia. Whether they are ministering aid, performing diplomacy, inspiring the people, or dispersing undead legions of evil, priests command great power and authority. For the power of the Blood comes from the gods, and only their priests can make a king!

This sourcebook describes the devoted followers of the gods of Cerilia, their philosophies, tactics, and daily duties. It also details new battle and realm spells for priests, and examines the legend of Cerilian religious relics. This book further explores the investiture ceremony -- the mysterious transfer of blood power from ruler to heir. And it contains advice to priest regents on diplomacy, ruling domains, waging wars, and beginning crusades. It's everything a priest must know to build an empire in Cerilia -- or even to survive.

Designed for the Birthright campaign mythos of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Copyright 1997 TSR. OOP.

Condition: New. Light shelfwear on cover, otherwise NMint.


MPN: 3126

Brand: TSR

Year: 1997