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Compendium of Contemporary Weapons RPG Reference Book Palladium 415 2001 ATs-S

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Description: Pssst... Hey, buddy, you looking for some battlefield hardware that will guarantee your success in a fire fight? Then here is the source for you!

This reference book is suitable for all modern role-playing games. Contents include:

  • Hundreds of weapons! Complete with statistical data.
  • Revolvers and pistols.
  • Rifles and shotguns.
  • Machineguns and sub-machineguns.
  • Rocket and grenade launchers and mortars.
  • Grenades and flamethrowers.
  • EOD, scopes, and accessories.

Perhaps one of the most comprehensive guides to modern weapons ever made for role-playing games. It contains information that can be used in many RPG systems including RECON, Heroes Unlimited, Ninjas & Superspies, Beyond the Supernatural, and RIFTS. Fourth printing 2001. Copyright 1984 and 1993. Palladium Books.

Condition: New, old store inventory. Very minor shelfwear, excellent condition. Interior pages are clean and in excellent shape. Please refer to the pictures for details.


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Brand: Palladium Books