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Dominion Tank Police Anime RPG and Resource Book Guardians of Order 04001 1999 CTt-S

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    Description: In the year 2010 A.D., the Earth is a very unfriendly place -- the atmosphere is a poisonous bacterial soup, vicious underworld organizations have run of the cities, and the governments are virtually helpless. Leading the attack on society are the sexy and ruthless cat sisters, Annapuna and Unipuma, and their grotesque half-cyborg leader, Buaku. The last line of defense against utter chaos is Newport City`s Tank Police: a team of trigger-happy officers with an affinity for demolition and disaster.

    This RPG is based on the classic 1989 four-part Japanese anime OAV series, from the mind of Japan`s prominent storyteller artist, Masamune Shirow! Now you can join the ranks of the Tank Police in their fight against crime, or be part of the Buaku Gang in their quest for power and glory. The game features the intuitive and easy-to-learn Tri-Stat System games mechanics, which is fully compatible with Guardians Of Order's other anime role-playing games. Additionally, the book offers extensive resources and references for Dominion fans (including complete episode summaries), and a full-colour gallery of spectacular animation art. The ideal RPG for gamers and Shirow fans alike! Produced 1999 by Guardians of Order under license.

    Condition: New, old store inventory. Light shelfwear, minor corner/edge wear. Overall an excellent copy. Please refer to the pictures for details.


    MPN: 04001

    Brand: Guardians of Order